The Byskal Sisters


“If I have three daughters, Lord, please give them voices to sing for You”.

This was the prayer of our father, Bro. Ed Byskal, when Jo-Ann, the youngest sister was about
to be born. We sang together from a very young age - practicing around the piano, or with
Dad and Mom playing the guitar and accordion, and often in the car heading to a weekend of
meetings! Whether in remote First Nations villages, gospel missions, youth camps,
conventions, or our own home church that Dad founded and pastored, we sang!

In 1976, The Byskal Sisters produced their first studio recording, “THERE’LL STILL BE JESUS”,
followed by “I WANT TO THANK YOU JESUS” and “BEFORE WE SAY GOODBYE” in the 1980’s.
Our most recent recording was “BREAKING AWAY” in the year 2000. The treasured voice of
our mother, Sis. Ruth, is a feature in several songs on “THERE’LL STILL BE JESUS”. Our father
also joins in on the song “Low, Low, Low”.


The years have flown by and our children and grandchildren fill our lives with the Joy of the
Lord, and share in our love for music and singing. Technology now permits us to make all of
our recordings available to the public in its original recording studio quality, and we are
excited to announce the release of all our music on iTunes, as well as the music avenues
listed below.

We trust you will be blessed, strengthened and encouraged as you listen.
Lynda, Marilyn and Jo-Ann

Albums available for purchase now on most major music platforms, such as:
iTunes | Google Music | Spotify | Amazon Music
And many more!

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